Rapid City

Rapid City is the title of several different comic books created by writer, Josh Dahl. The stories in these comics are about real life, as seen through the lens of superhero fiction. Begun as a semi-autobiographical script writing project, Rapid City has produced two comic book titles and much positive media attention.

Rapid City Below Zero

A super villain revenge comic book written by Josh Dahl and drawn by Shawn Langley.

This series stars Icicle, a female super villain fighting her way through the criminal underworld to get revenge on Coil, the villain who betrayed her and killed her boyfriend. Buy it here.


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Rapid City: Objects at Rest

Objects at Rest is a four issue story about becoming a superhero. It is drawn by A. Kaviraj.

The Rapid City Team

About Josh

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Josh Dahl has been involved with making and teaching comic books for most of his life.

Most recently he has written and self-published Rapid City comics under the MONOLITH banner, but he has also worked with Big Blue, Bad Kids Press, and ComicsWork. As part of his work with ComicsWork, Josh presented at The 20th Anniversary of the Graphic Novel Conference at UMass Amherst.

Rapid City Below Zero, drawn by Shawn Langley, is currently impressing fans and critics.

Josh lives in Boston, and when not making comics, he teaches at a secure detention facility for teenage boys, and slowly pursues a Master's Degree in creative writing.

He loves pickled foods, G.I.Joes, and punk rock music.

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About Shawn

Shawn Langley has been drawing since he could be trusted to hold a pencil on his own.

He is currently drawing Rapid City Below Zero with writer Josh Dahl, and selling art commissions online as well as at conventons. His previous project, Earthruler with Darrin O’Toole was successfully Kickstarted.

Shawn lives in The Shire (Gallipolis, OH) where he frolics and watches Dr Who videos by day, and cowers from phantom moth creatures by night. Also,

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