Rapid City

"Rapid City" is the name of the fictional, Midwestern, city where the Rapid City line of comics takes place. It is a mid-sized American city in a world where super-powers and other amazing things can happen. Everyone does the best they can. Read here for more about the project and the creative team, and here for what others have said about the comics.

Rapid City Comics

Rapid City comics are published by MONOLITH. They are available through local comic shops, Big Cartel, and Comixology. Rapid City Below Zero #4 was recently successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter.

Rapid City Below Zero

Rapid City Below Zero is a twelve part super-villain revenge story written by Josh Dahl and drawn by Shawn Langley. It stars Icicle, a female super-villain whose crew was betrayed and murdered.  The story follows her mission of revenge on the murderer, Coil, as he ascends to the head of Rapid City's super-crime underworld.

Click the cover images below to read review-copies of Rapid City Below Zero 1,2,and 3. (for review purposes only, please do not share)

Rapid City Below Zero #1 Icicle survives the betrayal of her super-villain crew only find herself buried deep under ground. As she struggles to stay alive, she reflects on the events that led her to choose a life of crime.

Rapid City Below Zero #2 Coil reaps the benefits of his scheming and rises in the villain world. Icicle, meanwhile, deals with the deaths of her loved ones and prepares herself for revenge.

Rapid City Below Zero #3 Icicle and Coil each muster their resources. While Agent Hartborn begins to put pieces together.

Rapid City Below Zero #4 Desperation drives Icicle to a fateful decision.

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