Assets and Liabilities

I really believe in the concept of turning a liability into an asset. 

A challenge is only a challenge because you are looking at from that specific view point.

  • Can't afford a big print run? LIMITED EDITION!
  • Artist is slow? TIME FOR PROMOTION!
  • No new ideas? EDIT OLD WORK!
  • "Publisher" steals your work? LESSON LEARNED!
  • Can't come up with another list item? INVOLVE THE READER!

How can YOU start turning YOUR liabilities into assets? 

In Philly...

One week ago at this time, Shawn and I were both bound for Philadelphia. And so was Rapid City Below Zero issue 4. Me from Boston, Shawn from southern Ohio, and the books from Plymouth , Michigan.

We all arrived at the hotel within minutes of each other. Shawn and I settled in and cracked open the box from FedEx to find beautiful comic books that we had created.

That alone would have been enough for a great weekend. But there was more. There was also The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. And it really was great.

Philly was wonderful. The people there were so great. And, I think we made a lot of new Rapid City fans.

Thanks everyone.