In Philly...

One week ago at this time, Shawn and I were both bound for Philadelphia. And so was Rapid City Below Zero issue 4. Me from Boston, Shawn from southern Ohio, and the books from Plymouth , Michigan.

We all arrived at the hotel within minutes of each other. Shawn and I settled in and cracked open the box from FedEx to find beautiful comic books that we had created.

That alone would have been enough for a great weekend. But there was more. There was also The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. And it really was great.

Philly was wonderful. The people there were so great. And, I think we made a lot of new Rapid City fans.

Thanks everyone.

C2E2 was great.

Those you who have seen me working a convention table know that I REALLY work a convention table. And C2E2 was the hardest I have ever worked at a convention.

It was a tough slog.

It was The Fury Road.

But in the end it was a really good time. I talked to so many cool readers and great creators. You guys, if you are reading this, you are the ones that made all of that hard work worth it. Thank you so much.

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