Wolverine: Weapon X #1

Wolverine:Weapon X #1 Marvel

.....not very nice

Jason Aaron

Ron Garney

This book is the first issue of Wolverine's latest on-going monthly title.

What worked: The very first image we actually see of Logan on the page sends a pretty clear message. This is NOT the same Wolverine that has been mixing it up with spandex super villains over in New Avengers. This is a guy whose "power" is metal claws. this is a guy for whom it is easier to kill someone than it is to touch them. This is not a guy at all, this is a weapon. Here is the bad-ass we all want to read about. Not just a mean brawler, but a man so good at violence that it makes you uncomfortable to root for him. This initial story touches on Logan's well worn past, but also presents an immediate threat to be dealt with. It brings up old and new continuity, but does not rely on it for the motion of the plot. If you know the back-story if that character he is talking to, good for you. If not, then you get enough to know that this is a man with a mysterious past. It is firmly tied in to this place and time in the Marvel Universe, without being dependent upon it. Garney's art is just like the main character: Unmistakable and brutally effective. They get the job done, but also seem to be enjoying the ride.

What did not work: For a single issue, this is kind of a slow start. Wolverine himself does not actually appear in full until two pages before the staple. I know Jason Aaron's work, I know the character, I trust that this story is going somewhere. And, if this arc is eventually collected into a trade edition, then this pacing will blend right into a longer story. If however, we are looking to this issue to stand on its own, then the set-up simply hogs too many pages.