Wolverine #72

you want some a THIS? Wolverine #72

Mark Millar Steve McNiven

Some kind of delay, or publishing schedule over-lap or something like that, has caused this to be the last chapter of this story which will appear in the regular Wolverine title. I think they are shuffling it off to a double sized special edition in order to get this book back in line with main continuity. This issue sees Old Man Logan coming to the end of his long, messed up journey. And, of course, things are still getting worse and worse. What worked. The art. Normally I am a big "story first" kind of reader, but McNiven's pages are just so beautiful. You could look at these panels in any order and they would be breathtaking. And when they tell a good story (and they do!) it is even better. If you pulled a Bruce Banner and separated McNiven into two different artists, one who could do his dramatic framing, pacing, and acting, and one who could do his amazing detail and shading....they would BOTH be top-notch artists. Mark Millar is also at the top of his game here. This whole arc has been like a big, relaxing, sigh of relief after the continuity twisting, mega-cross-over, Civil War. It is like after undertaking such a huge event, they just wanted to cut loose and play around. And they really, really, do. This story has been an awesome romp across a twisted-up nightmare America. The whole thing has been a running back-and-forth between what-is-the-craziest-shit-we-can-think-of and what-is -the-worst-thing-that-could-happen. While showing us Logan and Clint's journey across the messed-up US, this arc has also given us glimpses (via flashback) into how the world got that way and just what led Logan to swearing off violence. So now all of those journeys come to their conclusion. We have seen what pushed Logan to that point, and now we get to see what pushes him PAST that point. Whatever DOES happen next issue, as a result of this issue's gruesome conclusion, it'll be big. The big violent conclusion to a long, hard, crazy, journey.

What did not work. I don't know. you are asking the wrong guy, here. I think this was basically flawless. Even a two-page spread near the end with nothing but one huge sound effect managed to work.