The trap of progress. I have been working lately on getting this blog up and running. This part of my writing project, but it is NOT writing. I have been putting time in, I have been working, but I have not been writing.

Even right now, i am clicking away at the keys, but I am not writing.

I can even double justify this procrastination with this particular project. In feeling this way, I am doing research on what my character feels when he has everything he needs to get started, but just winds up spinning his wheels.

Time wasting, though, is never as frustrating and depressing as time WASTED. Once its gone, its gone. You look at it and you say "what did I do with my day, my week, my life?"

The flip of that, though, is that the scary dismay can turn in to motivation. "Ok, I wasted X, i can't waste one more minute."