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Older entries.This had been my comics review blog. That was something I started doing to keep myself thinking about comics in a critical way, and writing. I stopped doing that because I fell behind on the schedule and was just not motivated to keep it up.

Then, a few months ago I read something on the editorial page of a recent "overnight sensation" comic book.

I don't even remember what it actually said, but I remember it made me feel like an idiot.

This guy was writing comics. I wanted to write comics, but I wasn't. Why not? Regardless of what the answer was at that particular moment....it was just another excuse. I wanted to write, but I wasn't writing.

That's when i got the idea to start this project. I don't need to worry about the drawing, or the marketing, or publishing...or any of that. I want to write. So I am writing.

...and, posting a issue's worth of script here in this blog.