Progress is slowing a bit.

I know what I am doing with issue 4, but I am having trouble pulling it off. I should say I am having trouble stretching it out. I am dramatizing the challenge of just sticking it out....of not going home when things get rough, or boring. So, if i show too much happening, it defeats that conflict. I need the CHARACTER to be bored, but the reader must be engaged.

I can handle some of it with voice over....but I don't know how thin I can stretch that.

Ultimately, I think I will honor the experiment and just stick it out. Learn to just put head down and soldier through it at the same time that my character does.

He has to deal with the fact that it isn't always fun super-battles, just the same way that I do.

Plot wise, this issue is mostly coasting....letting things play out. But it is hard to keep that going to the end.

I guess, like Kinetic, i will just have to wait to see how it works out.