Ret-cons already

I mentioned that I reorganized some of the scenes in the first issue. I needed the character Maxwell Murder to show up earlier, and for his story to get rolling a bit sooner. I knew what his basic motivation was going to be... pretty common one these days, an empty bank account. And I knew that I was going to have him do something for which he would become the target of a small super-manhunt. I just wasn't sure how to get him from point A to point C.

As with most elements of this story experiment, I let it go and let fate line it up for me.

It worked. Point B just stood up and said hello, right when I needed it to.

Now I need to dive back in and really flesh out the characters who are holding up these plot points. I know them well enough to be sure they will do what they need to do....I just need to figure out the soft stuff in between.

Anyone reading this an artist? I am working on setting up a gallery of character art.

Also, if you are loking for sample pages to show off your sequentials, look no further. Just let me know what pages youare using and let me post your finished work here.