Karma Points

Before I knew anything about the actual concept of Karma, i played the Marvel universe role playing game. Because Marvel is a hero centered universe, the better you are the more you can do. Like, if you do a whole bunch of heroic things, you are luckier when you need luck.If you did a good deed, or just "the right thing" you could earn extra points to be applied when you made an important dice roll later on. This was my first real understanding of the idea of Karma. Oh, then there was the New Mutant named Karma. And, of course, the Chameleon.

Well, on Friday, a guy that I work with asked me to do some drawings for a childrens book he is working on for a class that he is taking.

This puts me in the role of artist working with a writer.

I figured it would earn me some good artist-karma if I agreed to do it. So, I am trying to use my meager skills to do a good job and get it done within the prescribed deadline.