The original Rapid City story was about young superheroes getting by in a strange and sometimes violent world. With young people in high stress situations, and no real standard of professionalism, it made sense for there to be a lot of swear words. At the time, my favorite TV drama was The Shield. That show was one of the best things ever on TV. It was about bad people in very bad situations. You can debate how realistic it actually was. But scene-to-scene, it certainly felt real. And they managed to do all of that without using swear words.

It is a real credit to the actors that they were able to really sell lines that must have been censor-sanitized.

That made me realize, though, that I didn't need adult language to deal with adult situations. All I was really doing was short-cutting the drama and eliminating a large chunk of potential audience. With that project, it was actually pretty easy to clean up the language.

With this new Rapid City project, though, I am not sure.... I should say rather, I haven't decided..... how to approach this issue. My main villain, Maxwell Murder, is a very bad man who is putting himself in some very stressful situations. It makes sense for him to swear. It makes sense for other people to swear when they are dealing with him.

So, I am not sure how to deal with that in the script. I don't mind leaving it in. For me, it fits the tone of the piece. I have not quite worked out how to fit that mature language into the final drafts. Should I cleanse the whole thing? Should I do a PG13 edit? Should put a content warning in there?

Not a serious problem right now, but this is likely something that I will have to deal with at some point.