Below the weather

Have feeling a bit below the weather this week, so I have been very unproductive.I have been listening to some compelling writing podcasts and thinking some good thoughts which will lead to some good material, but I will not try to convince myself that that is the same as writing.

The big thing I have been thinking, though, is how this might fit into my experimental framework. My goal is to write a superhero comic book, and the character's goal is to be a superhero. The things that help or hinder me have metaphorical echoes in his story.

So, if I am feeling sick and just not in a very creative mood. Does that mean I should eventually write a story about my character feeling sick and just not in a very heroic mood? And have a scene where his girlfriend* gets him some tea?

Maybe this particular creative stumbling block is too boring to translate. Or, maybe, that is the challenge that I face. How do I make that compelling?

*Those of you who have read issue 4 are freaking out and saying "BUT THEY BROKE UP!". Just wait and see.