Post writing writing post

There are two reason that I have not been posting here for the past few days.The first is that I have not been writing much. I had been feeling sick. I had been stressed out. Busy. Just a bunch of little reasons. I have been able to squeeze in a few words here or there, but no real progress. And the second is that I HAVE been writing. For the past two or three days, I have been cranking out the pages and the outlines on which they are based.

There's a problem or two that I have not completely resolved, but I am plugging ahead anyway. If they don't get ironed out soon, they could become serious stumbling blocks. I expect, though, that some solution will just present itself. That is how it usually happens.

And this is where it gets neat. If some easy and obvious solution doesn't just open up for me, then I will take the short cut of having that kind of solution drop in the lap of one of the characters.