Dial 999 if you can't see it through…

Sometimes answers just present themselves.And sometimes they aren't really answers, just avenues.

This Rapid City project is all about me. As I have said before.... this is me learning how to do superhero comics by writing about a guy trying to learn how to do superheroics. Hopefully it is a little better than that makes it sound. Anyway, that allows me a lot of different ways to write about the things in my life.

Things that encourage me become things that encourage my main character.

Different characters also represent different attitudes toward motivation. Some have it thrust upon them and resist it, some seek it out, and some would rather just ignore the whole thing.

Maxwell Murder is one of those who would much rather be left well-enough alone.

He is also, as his name would imply, a very bad person who does very bad things. He is selfish, and petty, and short-sighted. This means that he is a great character to write when I am pissed and feel like it is a really good idea to do short-sighted, mean, petty, things. He is my Slim Shady.

So, maybe that is the solution for how to get Max to where I need him in the story. Let him boil over, hurt some people, and see where he ends up.