Killing time

I am starting to worry that plotting might not be my real strong suit.That is what I am stuck with right now. I can write with certainty what my characters will do next, and what they think and feel, and how their positions reflect the overall theme.... I am just not as certain that the things they are about to do will result in some kind of conflict and resolution. No, I am overstating the problem a bit. I know what is going to happen. I have the pieces lined up, and they are all pointed in the right directions. The internal logic is sound. The problem seems that it might be a little too stable. Essentially, I need one character to be in a different position, and I am not sure how to get him there. Once I can figure that out, everything should slide together correctly. I guess the thing to do is to just stir in more problems. If characters aren't moving where I want them to...then just get them to move and see where they land.

Another problem I am seeing now.... Something that I now realize must plague serial writers all the time. I know that someone's gotta die. The story can't end without it. But, I want to keep that character around. Now I see why people pull all of those fake-out deaths.