Striking Distance

I am currently working on page 19 of issue 7. This is the third part of the "Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration" story arc. The basin events were plotted out before I started, but not nearly tightly enough. I actually thought I would get this done in three issue, Now I find myself within striking distance of the end of issue three and I am having to rush things a bit in order to wrap it up properly.

Maybe I still have not learned my lesson, but I am still feeling confident that the next issue will flow properly to its natural conclusion. That might feel foolishly cocky right after so badly misestimating, but I really do think that I have a handle on things.

The next issue is the final act of the story arc and all the pieces are in play, all of the actions have been decided, and now things have to simply run their course.

I am looking forward to being able to spread things out rather than cram them in. The next issue will be a lot of motion and action and conflict. Pacing wise, those things are much easier to manipulate. If I need to add a page or lose a page, I can use bigger panels show more of the action, or cut away and leave the action in the reader's mind. There are lots of ways to play with pacing in action scenes. And this coming issue should have lots of action scenes.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself....pacing out issue 8 before I have even finished issue 7. On the other hand, it was the lack of planning ahead that got my into this situation top begin with.

Ok, back to writing.