Issue #7

The script for the seventh issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 4 Shot from approximately the passenger side door, looking past Hourglass back at Kinetic. He is still looking serious and concerned. Hourglass is so far in the foreground, that we can't actually see her. She is part of the frame. We should see either her shoulders, her hands, or some of her face. If her face, it is in shadow and she is looking down. Whatever we can see of her, she is shaking.


Are you ok?



Panel 5 Now we see what Kinetic has been looking at. We see Hourglass from Kinetic's POV. She is looking back at him and there are tears rolling out of her eyes and down over her mask. She is reaching up to wipe them away.


I'm ok. I'll be fine.


Don't look.

Panel 6 Shot from outside Kinetic's window. He is looking away from Hourglass and up at the house. Behind him, we can see her lifting her mask just enough to wipe her eyes on the back of her glove.

Panel 7 Shot from a similar angle, but closing in on Hourglass. She is straightening her mask.


Ok, I'm ready.

In this issue, Kinetic and Hourglass's pursuit of a killer leads them to the doorstep of Red Lion, the living embodiment of destruction. Tensions mount, loyalties are tested, and the real identity of the victim is revealed.