enter Maxwell Murder

I have decided to start posting script segments here. Partly as a tease to get people reading, and partly just because I think it is more interesting than the usual "this is what I am doing now" updates.

This section is from issue #1 and it is the first time we see Maxwell Murder. I like Max because of how different he is from Kinetic. Kinetic over thinks everything to the point of inaction....while Max has simple desires and acts directly upon them.

Panel 4 A very close shot of finger over the 9 key on an ATM key pad. This is Maxwell's finger.



Panel 5 Pull back to see a bit of Maxwell and a bit of the machine. It is a dirty little ATM machine at a lottery/cigarette store near a casino. The screen says "FUNDS UNAVAILABLE". He is open palm slamming the side of the machine.

MAXWELL MURDER Not now, damn you.

Panel 6 Big panel down the right hand side of the page. A full shot of Maxwell. A skinny white dude with stubble for hair, a sharp goatee, some brow piercings, and a tattoo that says "MURDER" across his neck. He wears a wife-beater and has many intricate and fearsome looking tattoos. Mostly demonic looking things and realistic looking guns.

Caption: Rapid City

STOREKEEPER (off panel) Hey! Go easy on the machine, will ya? MAXWELL MURDER %#$@in' rock bottom