This is page 2 from issue #1.I love writing dialogue like this. In fact, one the hardest and most rewarding parts of my writing process is trimming these conversations back to just what is relevant to the story. That is my goal, anyway. There are varying opinions on how successful I am.

Page 2 In a parking garage, early evening. Kinetic and The Monkey are climbing up through the middle parts. Kinetic is the guy from the first page, but now he is in costume.

Panel 1 Birds eye view, looking down past Monkey's hand which is grasping a steel support cable. The shot looks down past him at Kinetic who is climbing up below him.

MONKEY ....."self" is an illusion. That's why you're frustrated. Because you're trying to know what can't be known. There's nothing there to know. KINETIC Yeah, ok, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm trying to...

Panel 2 Shot looking up past Kinetic at Monkey who climbs dexterously ahead.

MONKEY All modern troubles, really, come from that- from seeking out something that was made up in your own mind to begin with. Some people, that's all they do.

Panel 3 Looking up from below again, now we can see Monkey arriving at the top floor. Daylight breaks through above them.

MONKEY They make up something that never existed and then spend their lives wondering why they don't have it.

Panel 4 Monkey has arrived on the top floor, it is mid afternoon. We are looking past him to the edge where Kinetic is just arriving. Monkey is smugly self-satisfied at arriving at this conclusion.

MONKEY See? That's why everyone is so miserable nowadays. KINETIC Yeah, I'm sure that's why. What does any of that have to do with anything we were talking about? MONKEY I don't know. What were we talking about?

Panel 5 Now they are both up there and walking toward the edge. We can see the city around them. It is generic, some new buildings, some old. Some big, some small.

KINETIC I was asking you about names. I need to come up with one. MONKEY What for? What's in a name.

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