Still working

Ok. As I have said before, this issue is obviously delayed. I have decided to let some of that pressure off by going ahead and giving it a skip month. I am not going to try to get it back on schedule right now. I am going to call that one a loss.

My focus now is getting back on schedule for the 15th of next month. That is ok. I wish that Io had been able to keep that schedule, but I couldn't quite manage it. This issue just got too far off track. That is another downside to plotting as i go. If I want it to be more cohesive than simply being a rational sequence of events, then there will be times when I need to consider a lot more than simply what happens next

Now is one of those times.

The upside is that I have much of the issue now completed. I have one tricky scene to work through...and then it is a straight shot.

One positive thing about doing stories like this is that I just don't know what will happen. The cataclysmic ending to the second story arc has left the main character, and this the book, in a place from which he will not easily emerge. It could be that this becomes a defining event in his life and shapes what he will be from now on.

It is neat when that happens.