Issue #9

The script for the ninth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 1 Large panel of Coil stepping in to the apartment. The wires from his hand that unlocked the door are retracting back to his glove. He is being as intentionally non-threatening as he can be in this situation.


It's ok. I'm a friend. I'm... I was a friend of Hourglass.


We need to talk.

Panel 2 Kinetic and Coil in the panel as Coil closes the door behind him.


You go by Kinetic, right?




It's nice to meet you. I'm called Coil. I wish this had been under better circumstances, but it is what it is.

Panel 3 Close on Coil's foot as he steps among some small pieces on the broken phone.


This kind of thing happens from time to time. And when it does, we need to sort it out. Figure out what happened.