Making a scene

Yesterday I was working on the last few scenes in issue #9.I had things going the way that I wanted them to, but I needed to show time passing between two different moments with the same character. I took this as an opportunity to pull back and get a sense of the environment. I spent a page showing atmospherics of what was going on. It was like a musical interlude... it showed what was going on and helped to establish the emotional tone of the issue.

But it was boring.

So I added a bit to one of the quick shots on the page. I stretched it out to a few panels to show what the character was doing in that moment. It grew some more, and I pruned it back to just the essence. It was getting stronger, but it still wasn't a full scene.

I started thinking about all the rules for making good scenes and it started to come together. I started asking "what would she actually do?" and "How would she react to this?" and then it took up the whole page.

Not just that, but it was way more than an atmospheric place-holder. It really moves the plot along and perfectly dove-tails into the following scene.

I love it when things work like that. My goal initially was just to get it over and done with, but once I started playing with it.... and making it work.... Now I don't know how I thought the issue could have worked without it.