The Undiscovered Pages

Issue 10 is really coming along now.I don't know how the first scenes will work, as they are rather dense, but they do what I needed them to do and I don't know how else it could have gone. Everything that had been going on led to this, and it makes sense for it to happen this way. I just hope that it isn't boring.

So, here's is the interesting craft lesson I just learned.

I just wrote about 10 pages densely packed with dialog and fairly similar panels. So now I have some space to fill. Naturally, big panels are a way to speed things up and fill space/ But that seems cheap, to just draw big in order to fill pages.

It feels that way because it is cheap. If a panel should be small, then it should be small. If it should be big then it should be big. they should not be crammed or stretched. i knew that.

I just realized, though, that after all of those pages of talking, my readers will be desperate for some big, quiet, panels. Visually, it will be like a cool sip of soda or beer after several mouthfuls of hamburger and onion rings. The drink might not be the most important part of the meal, but it is essential to the enjoyment....and even the completion of the entree.

And speaking of completion..... back to work.