Crunch Time

The word "crunch" is on the 12th grade reading list at my school. Think about that.

Ok. Issue 11 is due tomorrow. I am pretty far behind. For no good reason other than that I have not been as focused on work as I could have been. I have spent a lot of time goofing off when I should have been writing. No disrespect to goofing off. But there have been many times when my computer has been on and issue script has even been open and ready to go.... and instead of working I just do something else. I read some web page or watch some video.

There is something like an addiction mindset going on here. I don't fully understand it, but that is kind of what it feels like. But instead of being being drawn to do something, I am drawn away from doing something.

It's ok, though, my much more rigid plotting is allowing me to quickly cover last ground.

Also, as I write this Pandora has begun playing a song from the band Incubus.... when did they change their name from Alice in Chains?

Also, I made a post which sparked an interesting conversation about violence here.