Switchboard is a character who was in my Rapid City: B-Sides comic book.She also made a brief appearance in Rapid City #10. Now she is coming back as a major part of issue #12, and the arc that is spreading out over the next few issues.

So, I figured that I would make a new character sheet for her.

Here it is.

And here's her talking about herself.

“You want me to go first? Ok. My name is Switchboard. I grew up around all of this superhero stuff my whole life. All of that “cape and glory” shit, I never saw that. I saw my dad’s friends with their masks off making racist jokes and talking about what villains they would do. So I never had that “ideal”, you know? I remember I was shocked when I figured out that other people actually looked up to these guys. They meant it when they called them “heroes”. I was so disappointed. You know, it was the first time I realized that most people are pretty stupid. That’s a hard thing for a twelve year old to deal with. I was a pretty moody teenager.”