Crossing the Alps

The controlling metaphor of my Rapid City project seems to be working out in a rather interesting way.I don't want to jinx it or over analyze it.... suffice it to say that life and art do imitate each other.

Since posting issue 12, I have been caught in a cycle of slacking and catching up on issue 13. Having scenes and events much more tightly plotted than in the past has really allowed my to work at my own pace. It has been nice to get stuck on one scene and simply flip to another one. It takes some of the wild improv out of the process, but it does allow much more directed creativity.

I am ashamed to say, however, that I have been pretty bad about staying on-task. I have been spending a lot of time "checking one more thing" before I get started. That is really bad and serves nothing but procrastination.

New York is this weekend. I am getting my stuff together to make an awesome show of it. Everyone says that going to a con as a writer is an exercise in futility. Well, I hope that's wrong. And I also hope that I am not being too arrogantly self-deluding when I ignore that wisdom.

Confidence is a great thing, until it comes up empty. Hannibal was a genius, but if his elephants had frozen to death in the Alps, he would have been a fool. From here, though, those are all lessons that i have to learn on my own.