Ok. Today is the 16th. That means I am at least one day late on my October script.I can put some of the blame on going to the New York Comic Con last weekend. that did eat up a lot of time, and even a lot of time leading up to it.

But, in all honesty, if I had used my time well I would not be late right now. Having a much more solid outline than I am used to allowed me to think that I had more wiggle room than I usually do. I thought that I was ahead of the game, so I allowed myself to slip behind the game.

Plus there was some personal stuff going on around the time I completed the last issue that made me think I deserved some indulgent, selfish, time. That was not true, but i let myself think that.

Though I have made some great improvements in my dedication and my work-ethic... I am still prone to bad slippage. I really just need to always remind myself how good I feel when I am getting the work done.

Also, as a crack down... no other fun stuff until I get this done. I am pretty far behind, but I have been making it up quickly and I should be able to keep up that pace thanks to the tight plotting.