14 down

I finished issue 14 last night.I actually double checked the date two or three times after I hit "save". I was shocked to see that I was only one day late. For as much as I was stressing out about that late issue, I felt like it must be more than a day late.

Of course, now I have to go over it and edit and trim and make sure it all makes sense. But the actual work is done. I am pretty proud of that. And this shame I have been feeling over coming so close to missing it completely, I am not going to forget that. I am going to keep that with me to keep me from messing up again.

Hey look, it's happening again! Real life events are being reflected in the story of the comics... or maybe vice-versa. I will be motivated to take action by the shame of not having taken enough action in the past, just as Kinetic is motivated to take action based on shame that he feels over a failure to act in the past.

And for those of you who are paying close attention, that last sentence is a hint about unrevealed parts of Kinetic's past.

Ok, look for issue 14 to be posted some time tonight. (this is an ideal time to catch up on previous issues!)