New issue? Nope, same old issues.

I am genuinely embarrassed to write this.It is the 15th and I do not have issue 14 complete.

I am working on it and making progress, but unless I decide to have a whole bunch of two-page spreads I really don't think it'll be done by tonight.

Some part of me has come to see this project as a time commitment. Which it is. That status, however, puts it on the list of "things I have to do". This means that I now regard skipping it as a kind of selfish indulgence. It is the kind of thing I do when I have had a rough day and I want to treat myself. It is similar to buying a candy bar or a soda on my way home from work. Just a little pointless exercise of freedom that says "Hey! I still control my life!"

And, like many pointless exercises of freedom, it leaves me eventually thinking "that was stupid. Why did I do that?"

I am really enjoying the story that I am working on and i think it has some very good scenes in it, so I feel even worse for short-changing it like this.

It is my home that these bad things I am feeling right now will help me to re-organize how I see this project in my head. This is a fun thing that I am doing, not just another obligation.