Santa ex Machina

When I was a kid, one of the first television cliches I remember noticing was the way that every special Christmas episode of a show would end with a question that was answered by a pan up to a bright start and some jingle-bells. The implication being that the answer to the question was either "the Christmas Spirit" or Santa himself.

Even then I thought it was silly.

But now that I have decided to make this month's issue of Rapid City a Christmas special.... well, the draw of that "Santa ex Machina" ending is pretty strong.

I have managed to avoid it by not making a specific holiday story at all. Instead I tried to boil down the core of what makes a good holiday story, hope, faith in other people, good-will-toward-man, and make the story about that.

This is also the first time since I started this project that a story is not focusing on Kinetic. I am not certain how that fits in the controlling metaphor. Kinetic's journey into super-heroism usually mirror's my own attempts to write a superhero comic. But after the last arc, I am giving him a month off.

Maybe that is why this story leans more holidays than heroics.