Background and Actions

Characters are what they do.It does not matter at all how richly fleshed out your character's life and world are. No one cares. All that matters is what your character does. And then, what he does next.

I just read an article which describes this basic truth in much better detail.

Here’s a tip: You should know everything about your character from the shape of his big toe, to the colour of his eyes, his date of birth and what he had for breakfast that morning.

Do me a favour: If anyone ever tells you this, punch them in the face. It’ll make you feel better and it will make the world a better place. At a writer’s workshop one time, a friend of mine was asked what his main character’s favourite shape was. I won’t tell you said friends response. Suffice to say, it wasn’t pleasant.

It is on a blog called The Feckless Goblin. I think that is a terrible name, with character... I am not so much concerned with what it is called, rather with what it does. And what it does in this case is present any interesting view point with which I fully agree.