Issue #16

The script for the sixteenth issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted.

Panel 5: Pulling in tighter on Desperado. Still standing there like a gunslinger. His fists are clenched, through his mask, we can see hard determination. Behind him we can see cops and bystanders.


It's not just the two of you. While you are shrugging off his effects, he can be killing hostages. Killing police. Killing bystanders.

Panel 6: Tight on Desperado's face, or even his eyes. He is looking determined. We can see his hand reaching up to the ear-piece.


He's already desperate. If you aren't careful, you'll just make things worse.


Ok. Careful. Switchboard....

Panel 7: Low shot of Desperado from behind. He is clearly walking toward the door now. We can see that he is holding the ear-piece in his hand.


I can do this.

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