The art market

This is what I have been posting to web pages which are frequented by artists, regarding my plan to hire one. It was so hard to find reverse auction hosting sites, that I think I MUST be the first one to try it for comics art.

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22 paid pages to the lowest bidder I am trying a new thing here, so bear with me if there are some bumps to be smoothed out.

My goal is to get my comic scripts drawn in a way that I can present to publishers. My ideal artist would be someone who is also looking to build his or her portfolio.

You will get a complete (22 page) script to draw. The progress of our collaboration will be posted on my production blog , along with "previews" of your completed pages.

When the book is done I will publish it POD and get several initial copies for you and I to sell in person and add to our portfolios. Beyond that, I will do as much as I can with the issue. I will promote it as much as I can...which gets your name and your work in front of more and more readers.

If having that completed work in your hand, as a physical demonstration of the quality of your art and your ability to work with writers and meet deadlines, then you should put in a page rate bid on my reverse auction.

The job will go to the person who bids the lowest page rate.

Of course the work will have to be of publishable quality and completed on time. As I said, this is the first time I am trying this auction technique, so we will sort out all of those details before pencil touches paper.

You will own all of your original art, and I will have the rights to publish them. I think that splitting profits is a good idea, and that can also be settled before any work begins.

Take a look at my other scripts here to get an idea of how I write and what i write about.

This is paid work for whoever wants it.

Please ask whatever questions you have here or send me a PM.

Thanks everyone, and good luck.


If you are interested in bidding on drawing an issue of Rapid City, here is my auction site.