17 Down

I just clicked save on the last page of issue #17.This one was a lot of fun, but also very challenging. I have decided that this year I will expand my experiment by not only meeting deadlines each month, but also by taking on a new writing style or technique with each new issue. This issue's technique was non-linear story telling. After doing straight-forward stories for so long, switching to this style was quite challenging at first. But once I got used to it, I had to deal the problem of how to reign it in and make it serve the story.

The story itself wound up being something of a detective story, so I think that style is working pretty well with it.

Being that this is a new storytelling style for me, and that the nature of it is detail oriented and complicated, it might take me a little bit longer than usual to do the editing. So, look for the script to hit the blog tomorrow night, or possibly the next day. The important thing, though, is that I got it done today.

I also just sent a check out to artist A. Kaviraj after seeing 4 beautiful pages from him. All of that will be made much more clear when I have the time to really post about it.

Look for those soon.

Thanks, everybody.