Constructive Criticisms

In the questions section of my auction, somebody posted this:

"Okay, here\'s why your auction is a terrible idea. This is free advice, so you should at least hear me out, even if you don\'t end up taking it. 1) By structuring your auction in this way, you\'re making it clear that the quality of the work you plan to commission is a non-issue for you. By focusing strictly on who can offer the best bargain, you\'re at least strongly implying that you don\'t care very much about what sort of applicants you\'re attracting or how well they can draw or tell a story visually. 2) You\'re only going to attract rank amateurs, guaranteed. You\'re forcing people to compete knowing full well before they bid that they\'re bidding based on desperation and a willingness to work for less than anybody is worth. Yeah, maybe you\'ll find an artist at bargain rates, but he won\'t be able to draw worth salt. And that won\'t do you any favours, certainly. Nobody wants to read a crappy looking comic that was produced for pennies on the dollar. 3) Even if your auction were to attract artists whose work is of a professional calibre (and trust me, it won\'t), you\'re insulting everything from their work ethic to their skill set by forcing them to crawl over the corpses of their equally desperate, disenfranchised comrades. No creative talent can be happy with such an arrangement. Anyway. I put in a bid. Good luck. You\'re going to need it."

In response, I posted.....

Thanks for your advice. Believe me, I have considered these things. 1)What I am strongly implying is not that I don't care about the quality of the applicants. That is why I included the stipulation that the work must be of publishable quality, and left that to my own judgment. What I am strongly implying is that my scripts, if followed closely, are strong enough to carry a mediocre artist into outstanding work. It isn't that I don't value the artists, it is that I place my work at a premium. 2)I wish that instead of a guarantee, you had made a bet. With this auction posted for less than 24 hours I have already seen submissions from some very talented artists who are willing to work at very affordable rates. I am not forcing anyone to compete. These are artists who can see that I have something to offer them, so they are willing to risk a pay cut in order to produce what will, ultimately, be very high quality work. Writers who bring nothing to the table must come with stacks of money. In my case, these artists realize that the are entering into an arrangement from which we will both gain. I guarantee that this comic will be drawn by a skilled artist who takes his or her work seriously. 3)Well, you are just wrong about that. There is no insult or slight to anyone's skill or professionalism. I am offering any artist who sees this ad the chance to work on an excellent script which will see publication. This is a thing that any serious artist will value. That intrinsic value can be leveraged against what would have been a larger pay-check. An artist who is serious about making comics that are actually good....and not someone who is simply out to draw anything for whoever pays the most... might be willing to take a pat cut in order to get that result. You are, in fact, insulting your brother and sister artists by claiming that they have no regard for the quality of the material from which they are working and will crawl over each other to get whatever scrap they can. That does not characterize anyone of the talented individuals with whom I have already corresponded about this project.

Send me your email address and I will send you a PDF of the completed book. Once you see the quality of the book, I think you might change your assessment. In fact, you might even reconsider your bid amount if and when I decide to do this again.

I have no use for negativity. Especially in light of the very exciting things which have developed since I posted those ads.