Energy: Potential and Kinetic

As a result of my auction campaign I have been talking to an artist named A. Kaviraj about drawing some of my comics. His art is very cool, very expressive, and has an "indie" quality that I really like.

He has already begun doing some sketches, like this one. He has a clear vision for the character, which is getting closer and closer to my vision for the character.

Ok, so you know that with this project, I have been using Kinetic's journey into the life of a superhero as a proxy for my own journey into the life of a writer of superhero comics.

If you have been paying attention to recent issues, you will note that Kinetic has been reaching out and developing a support network.... and look what is happening in real life! A support network is developing. I didn't plan that, it just happened.

And then there are all these weird coincidences with Champion City Comics. I am not a huge believer in symbols and the like, but sometimes it just hits you over the head.

This is the right place to be, and the right direction in which to be moving.