Now this is happening.

This project is meta-fictional and semi-autobiographical. That is teh first thing I tell people when I talk about this. I am writing about myself by writing about superheroes. The story of Kinetic going out into the world to learn how to be a superhero mirrors my own effort to write superhero comics.

Ok, got that? So there are all kinds of strange connections and parallels between this book and my actual life. They imitate one another back and forth, it seems. Something will happen in real life, and then come up in the comics. Or something will happen in the comics, and then turn up in my actual life.

A few years ago, I wrote a story set in Rapid City which was all about life and friendship within a city's music scene. The main character in that story was returning to town after some time away.

For a variety of reasons, that book was not realized. But a few months ago I bought tickets to go back and visit Kalamazoo, the city upon which Rapid City is based. I, like the main character of that story, was returning after some time away.

Around that time, I had been writing comics about Kinetic reaching out to the superhero community around him. I, in turn, decided to reach out to the creative community around me. Like Kinetic, I did it in my own way and on my own terms and met with great results.

Kav is a great artist, and he is completely on the right creative wavelength. Rather than a "muse-whipped artiste" he is a craftsman who punches in and get s the job done. But he also loves it and loves doing a good job. He gets it, and he gets that I get it.

Still with me?

Ok, so Kav has put me in touch with the web site through which he has been posting his work, Champion City Comics. It is a nice looking page with some great work on it. Tony, the guy who runs the site seemed impressed with what I am doing and asked me if I would like to contribute my drawn pages to Champion City.

Seemed like a good idea, seemed to mirror Kinetic's expanding support network, so I enthusiastically agreed.

Great. And now "the clincher". I talk to Tony, and it turns out he lives in the same city that I was already booked to visit, the same city that the original book was based on, the same city where I has already planned to get together with my comics friend Paul Sizer..... Kalamazoo. The dude lives there, and we are going to get together and talk about comics stuff when I am there this coming week.

See, that is how I know that this project is working.