Why the delay?

I mentioned that I completed issue 17 on time on the 15th, but I did not post it until 4 days later. So, was it late? Maybe. I guess you could say that it was late. Because it was posted after the 15th. But, personally, I don't take that as breaking the rules of my project. If this script were for an editor, then what I had completed on the 15th would have been perfectly good. And, if it had not been... if my fictional editor had informed me that it must be flawless, then I could have burned a little more of the midnight oil and made those corrections that night.

Plus I just wanted some time away from it.

And, most importantly, I have been paying a lot of attention to the newly developing art sid of this project.

Kav is drawing his ass off and it is looking really good.

Those developments, however, are going to be a post of their own.