It's the new style

This year I have given myself the goal/challenge of using a new style or technique in each new script. January's script was begun in December, so that one wasn't really part of it. But, if I wanted to stretch it I could say that I used the new technique of doing an issue that did not feature the star of the comic.

I February, I decided to try non-linear storytelling. That isn't something I normally do, so it was a very interesting challenge. It took some effort, but I got the hang of doing it. Whether or not I got the hang of doing it well remains to be seen.

And now, come March, it seems I am already cheating at my new rule. I am not trying something new this month. Instead I am completing the second part of the non-linear story which I began in the previous issue. It is a cheat, but I don't really feel too bad about it.

The styles that are coming up next, or soon, are: comedy, silent issue, and whatever else I can think of.