Issue 19

The script for the nineteenth issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted.


Just keep your eyes open, ok?


For monster tracks?


It's not a monster, ok? It's a gorilla. Can we stop making this into more than it is?

Panel 4. Desperado turning to face Kinetic. Not quite "in his face" but certainly confrontational.


Hey, you get face to face with one of these hairy bastards....


you look him right in the eyes....


and then you tell me there's a difference between a monster and a gorilla.

Panel 5. Kinetic pausing on the embankment, stunned, as Desperado walks away to catch up with the other two.

Panel 6. Switchboard looking at Desperado, surprised. Kinetic is coming up behind them.


Have you fought a gorilla?

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