"Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

Apparently there is some debate about who actually said that. It was someone funny and someone dying.I knew from a book a Batman/Joker short stories that came out around the time of the Michael Keaton Batman movie.

Point is... I cannot personally confirm the first part (except to note all the really incompetent people who have manged to pull off dying) but I can certainly confirm the second part.

The new script that I am working on is my comedy issue. Now I have written funny scenes before. I have written jokes before. I have done stand-up comedy.....and killed! I am pretty funny. But writing a comedy story is really hard.

Individual jokes and funny characters aren't that hard to do. The challenge is keeping it within the story that I am already telling. Which, thus far, has not been intended as a comedy. I am trying to draw situational comedy out of the characters that I have already created. It would be easy, cheap, and not very funny to simply bring some weird character who either makes jokes or is the butt of them. Instead, I have to let my characters interact and draw out the humor in what they are doing.

This is the least confident I have been in the course of this entire project.

As a note of encouragement, as I began to write this "poor me" post cable TV saw fit to start showing the Bewitched movie. A bunch of people who do comedy for a living spent weeks and months of their lives trying to make a funny movie.... and essentially failed. And while that is more scary than encouraging, it does support my initial point... comedy is hard.