Post delay

Sorry about the lag in posts.This does not mean that nothing has been happening for me and the Rapid City project. Quite the opposite in fact. A. Kaviraj has been drawing pages like crazy and they are looking better and better as his comfort and familiarity with Rapid City grow. We are still posting pages on Champion City Comics and looking for ways to make that the best possible reading experience.

He and I have also been talking about what to do with Rapid City once this issue is done. Of course we will print and publish the issue, and likely sell a digital version. But beyond that, there are a lot of questions.

The issues of Rapid City that I have written were not created with publishing in mind. They were written as a writing exercise. So now, the prospect that they could be drawn is something I am not quite ready for. Though I am excited about it, I don't know the best way to make it happen.

Also, I have had some of my work reviewed in the Comics Experience forums. Without a doubt the best, and most useful, comics workshop on the web. People who know what they are talking about, and take their work seriously, working hard to help make all of the scripts involved as good as they can be.

I have been working on the latest script, which is my attempt at writing a comedy. Let me tell you, comedy is a hard thing to write.

I have also come to a major decision about the course of Kinetic's life and the nature of writing serial fiction. If you like serial fiction, you might be happy with what I have come up with. If you are Kinetic, you will probably not be too happy with it.

OK. Back to work.