I have just started and deleted about 4 different versions of a new post here.

I wrote about 3-act structure, and then about the Boston Comic Con, and then about my plans for the next story arc. As I got a few lines into each one I just got.... bored.

They all just seems self-centered.

But then I guess that is the point of this blog. Writing about myself and my writing process. So, quick break-down.

In serial fiction, everything that has come before the story you are telling right now functions as the first act. All of that story is relevant because it sets up the current story. Not a major revelation, but it has helped me to think about how I tell stories.

The Boston Comic Con was great. It is a really well run show. Plus I met some pretty cool people.

And, I decided a few weeks ago that Kinetic has gotten fairly competent at superheroics. So what is next for him? Bad stuff. Lots of bad stuff. Now that Kinetic has become his ideal of "the man who takes heroic action", I am setting out to take apart that notion. I have already started to tear down his values....and I am looking forward to what becomes of him.

That's it. That's my update for now.