G.I.Joe is there

An exciting thing happened this afternoon.I got an email about a new one-page G.I.Joe comic that was posted through a fan-project called "G.I.Joe: Battlespace"

The guys that put it together, Choose Wisely Productions, did the same thing for Transformers a few years ago. The basic idea is that these universes are rich enough that there are endless stories to be told. And telling them is fun. No money is being made. No claim is made on ownership of the stories or characters or anything like that. Just having fun with characters we like.

The comic that came out today was the second one they have published and it is the one that I wrote.

It is a bit of an experiment and I am quite proud of it.

But it is more important than that. This is my first published comic book which I had almost nothing to do with. I didn't produce, publish, or promote it. I have never even spoken to the artists! All I did was write the script and send it out.

That is the first time I have done that, and I am pretty excited about it.

Here it is.