Issue 21

The script for the twenty-first issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted.

This issue is the first part of story in the style of Crime Noir. Watch the lives of super-villains come together and come apart in Rapid City's grimy under-belly.

Panel 5. Mostly focused on COIL and PILEDRIVER.

COIL You know the plan. We need you in there.

PILEDRIVER Yeah? And who are you? I don't remember you when we were setting this up.


Panel 1. Mostly COIL and PILEDRIVER again.

COIL I'm the guy that's getting the band back together.

PILEDRIVER Then I'm the guy's moved on with his life.

Panel 2. COIL looking around, indicating the meager surroundings. Smirking.

COIL Yeah. Looks like it.

PILEDRIVER Screw you, man. You don't know me.

COIL It's been a few days since the job up-ended, right? So whatta you been doing? Sending out applications? Working on your resume? Monster dot com?

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