Issue 22

The script for the twenty-second issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted.

This issue is the second part of story in the style of Crime Noir. Villains brought together to steal a powerful artifact face the lives they have chosen as they await the final heist preparations. Coil pulls Kinetic's strings to push him into action, but for what purpose?

Panel 1. Kinetic over Coil and shouting down at him.

KINETIC You don't ask about her. After what you did, you don't even get to say her name.

COIL I did....

Panel 2. Close on Coil looking up at Kinetic. He is slightly sneering.

COIL I did what I had to do.

Panel 3. Coil starting to stand, Kinetic still over him.

KINETIC You set her up. Attacked her. You tortured her. That's what you had to do?

COIL They would have killed her.

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