Deadline: Now!

I post new comic scripts in the 15th of every month and a new interview every Monday. Oh, also the deadline to get the completed Issue 11 to the printer is rushing closer and closer. There is a lot of pressure on right now.

I have a few interviews cooking. I need to get on top of those, but they aren't my main priority. When they get done, they will get done. No one but me will notice that missed deadline, and the people who will appreciate those interviews will enjoy them whenever they come out.

The book for the printer is largely out of my hands right now. All I can do is to keep on that and make sure it is moving along. Guys, if you are reading this, get back to work.

The script for issue 23 is almost completely done. It will only take an hour or so to get the actual creative part of the writing done. If I had an assistant or something, I could hand off this script and call it done. Let the editing and minor details fall to someone else. I could send it as is to an artist to begin drawing, and clean up the small details later.

However, those are not the kinds of details I like to cut. I want to get it DONE done by tonight.