In the cards.

A fairly common thing for comic books to do at anniversaries or big jumping-on points is the status issue.It can be a re-cap or a simple one-off story that is very emblematic of how the comic works. Something to tell new readers, this is what is going on, and this is what you can expect from here on out.

That is also a good chance to have many artists jump on and do a page or a pin-up.

I wanted to do something like that for the 24th issue of Rapid City. And I wanted to keep with my pledge to do a different story style or technique every issue this year. Somehow I got the idea to give the character and the book a tarot card reading, and let the cards dictate the course of the book.

That will work perfectly as a status issue, as it will symbolically tell about what defines the character's current situation as well as where he will be heading (I'll tell ya right now, it isn't going to be nice). But, everything has to be different in Rapid City.

A normal tarot deck simply would not do.

Looking back to Rapid City's musical roots, the answer was clear. I spent the weekend re-reading all 23 scripts up to this point. With those clear in my head I am going hit "random". The next ten songs that play will symbolize and characterize the past, present, and future of characters, the book, and the project that all make up Rapid City.