Two Years

I am starting to work on my 24th issue.At 1 issue a month, that puts me two years in to this project.

That means I have been producing a new comic book script every month for two years now. Well, the truth is that I had a slight mis-step around the third issue and did a kind of re-launch. I am not sure how much that put me off schedule. Then I completely missed a deadline last spring. So, these 24 scripts don't equal exactly 24 months. But I think I would rather count the birthdays every twelve issues. That way I have the big issue numbers to track my progress.

Anyway, I have something special planned for this next issue. I am going back to my musical roots as well as trying something I have never done before.

If you have been paying attention to the story, you will know that my main character, Kinetic, has been through some rough stuff recently. His ambition to go out and be the guy who takes heroic action has left him as the guy who is constantly surrounded by pain and tragedy. So, the question he faces is, how does he move forward from here?

And I really don't know the answer. I have a good idea where he is going, and what will happen to him....but I am not sure how he will get there.

I hope that you will be there with me to find out.