24 Down

I just wrote the last page of the 24th issue of Rapid City.Two days late.... but I can live with that. This issue was quite an undertaking.

I knew it was going to be a milestone issue, but I didn't expect it to be....

I didn't expect the completion of this issue to feel like such a catharsis. Sorry if this is rambling, but I really feel like you do after a great concert or something. When it all adrenaline and you are just grinning and saying "that was great!".

That is all I am doing. These past two years have been a great accomplishment. These past 24 pages have been a great accomplishment. And I am relieved to be done with them and incredibly proud.

The project is not done, however. Just this chapter. The next chapter starts next month, so that means I am back to work on my next script tomorrow.